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Another Successful Twitter Chat: Recruitment Season

This past Wednesday, educators “met” again for #AASSA’s second Slow Twitter Chat. The topic was timely for the beginning recruiting season. Teachers are getting ready to sign their letters of intent in the next few days/weeks.

You are able to read, learn and connect with participants of the chat via our archive of the conversation.

Here are the chats statistics:

  1. around 250+ tweets were published within 12 hours of the chat

  2. we had around 24 participants throughout the day (you can easily follow them all here via AASSA’s Twitter Chat list)

  3. participants were from 6 countries in the AASSA & Tri-Association region: Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Republica Dominicana, Ecuador.

  4. international educators outside of Latin America were from USA, Ghana, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Tanzania & China

  5. the following schools had at least one educator participate:

  6. Panamerican School of Bahia

  7. Metropolitan School of Panama

  8. Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  9. Asociación Escolar Lincoln

  10. Goethe Schule, Argentina

  11. Carol Morgan School

  12. Graded, American School of São Paulo

  13. Academia Cotopaxi

Mark your calendars for next month’s #AASSA chat on November 29 with the topic: How do you manage expats/locals relations at your International School?


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