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Announcing AASSA’s Partnership with ISS

The next teacher recruiting season is just around the corner. In an effort to enhance the recruiting experience and expand the candidate pool at the Recruiting Fair we are happy to make the following announcement…

“In partnership with International Schools Services (ISS), ISS teacher candidates are welcome to attend the AASSA December 2016 Recruiting Fair in Atlanta.”

At this point we have no idea how many, if any, ISS candidates will take advantage of this opportunity and for those that do we will make their candidate files available virtually to all recruiters.

Additionally, the fees for hiring an ISS candidate at the AASSA Recruiting Fair will be those already set for our organization. In other words, school’s will pay the AASSA recruiting fee if they hire an ISS candidate (please note that ISS premium member schools attending the AASSA fair will not pay a fee for hiring an ISS candidate due to the arrangement already in place between them and ISS). AASSA candidates will, likewise, be able to attend the ISS Recruiting Fair in Atlanta if they are also attending the AASSA’s Recruiting Fair.

We will keep recruiters and candidates informed of any developments with regards to this situation as needed and as the timeline of preparing for the recruiting fair demands. Currently, we just want you to know that we are working on everyone’s behalf to enhance the recruiting experience and expand the candidate pool our recruiting fair.


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