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Adjusting our Learning Footprint

by Adam Slaton, AASSA’s Chief Learning Officer

Analyze. Adapt. Adjust. Reflect. Repeat.

Those five words pretty much describe what life has been like for educators since last February. As learning has shifted and adapted throughout our region, we understand that learning must also shift and adapt for our educators. As we begin a new academic year partnering with our schools, we have been working hard to expand and adjust our professional learning footprint to best meet the varied needs of AASSA educators.

Connect Courses | Deep-dive Learning

Courses are designed to be deep-dive learning experiences that focus on a specific topic over the course of several weeks. Most of our courses are limited to a small cohort in order to enhance the learning experience and allow for practical and meaningful application of skill and knowledge. Some courses may be available for continuing education credit for participants interested in continuing education coursework.

Connect Workshops | Practical and Relevant Learning

The aim of our workshops is to provide practical and pertinent information to educators throughout our region via virtual engagement meetings. Workshops may be solo or part of a series depending on the topic presented. Our goal is to be able to provide as many free experiences for AASSA member schools so that the learning can multiply throughout the region. For those workshops that may have a cost, we are working hard to make sure they are as discounted as possible for our Member schools.

Connect Meetings | Sharing as Learning

Continuing the momentum from last spring, we are launching Connect Meetings as a way for educators and members of our school communities to connect with each other in order to provide support, thought-partner, and share best practices. For this academic year, we have added even more networking groups, including key roles in school operations. There will be Connect Meetings for each group at least once per quarter, with opportunities for some groups to meet on a more frequent basis. Interested in taking on a small leadership role? Ask about becoming a Connect Meeting Group Leader!

As the year progresses, we will be announcing more learning opportunities for our Member schools and more ways for educators to get involved in expanding our learning footprint. We are looking forward to analyzing, adapting, adjusting, and reflecting with you this year and supporting you along the way.

Current learning opportunities can be found under the AASSA Virtual Learning tab on our webpage.


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