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#AASSA Twitter Chat: Reflection of the Looking For Learning Conference in Lima


Conferences are intense sprints of divergent thinking, ideas flying by at hyperwarp speed.  Then we are transported back to our school routines, mumbling to ourselves the conference mantras… be a provocateur, just do one thing, less is more, complete the circle, look for what?  Ah, yes, learning!  Meow.  Sketchnotes to review, storified tweets to digest, blog posts to write, and goals to set.

Co-Moderators Chris Davis and Silvia Tolisano would like to invite you this Wednesday, April 27, 2016,  to join an AASSA twitter chat, an hour of conference reflection, processing, and sharing actions we’ve already taken.  Tune in at 8:00 pm eastern time.


Here is how it works…

At 8:00 pm tweet out a greeting with the hashtag #AASSA.  Moderators will welcome you.  Five minutes in the questions will start.  Throughout the hour,  six questions will tweet out every eight to ten minutes giving everyone a chance to share and respond.  Moderated questions will start with “Q”, answers with “A”.  Examples…

Q1:  How might we share our best takeaways from the conference with our co-workers at school? #AASSA Then participants respond… A1:  Share our blog posts and ask peers to critique with “I like… I wish… I wonder…” responses. #AASSA

And really important, don’t forget the #AASSA hashtag.  If you’ve never done this before just jump in, or if you want to “lurk” in the background that is fine too.

Here are the questions for #AASSA ‘s first Twitter Chat.

Q1: What was one thing you did this week, inspired by the conference? Q2: What was your favorite post from the conference?  Retweet it, explain. Q3: What “meow” moment did you hear once back at your school? Q4: How might “less is more” be applied in your teaching? At your school? Q5: What is your greatest resource for the continued practice of “looking for learning”? Q6: How might we leverage an AASSA twitter chat to foment more collaborative work between schools?

How educators have appropriated Twitter is an incredible phenomenon.  Some of the greatest connections, exchange of ideas, and initiatives  happen around these Twitter chats.

Let’s make this happen! See you there!

Further Resources:

  1. Four part blog series about Twitter and the #L4LAASSA Conference in Lima by Chris Davis

  2. Follow along a previously held Twitter Chat at your own pace with step by step instructions and commentary by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano


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