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AASSA Radio: Episode 8: Student Support Services

Renea Bartlett Pope currently serves Nido de Aguilas at the EYS/ES Student Support Coordinator. Renea began her career in the Atlanta area and has taught students from early years to high school in three countries in general education, EAL, and literacy intervention with a focus in dyslexia. Since 2012, she has also worked in professional development through consulting and teacher preparation at a local university in Santiago. Renea’s particular professional interests are in program development, women in leadership, and looking at the intersection of language development and learning needs for international students. Renea and her family love Chile and take advantage of traveling from Santiago to other beautiful places in South America.

Will Randall currently serves as the MS/HS Student Support Coordinator for Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile where he has been living with his family for the past three years. Will has had many roles in over twenty years of education including work as a classroom teacher, a Learning Support Specialist, an educational psychologist, and an RtI program manager at the district level in Monterey, CA. Will’s professional interest is in supporting students through effective systems, developing MTSS frameworks for international schools, and partnering with other international schools to help them improve their supports for students. Prior to living in Chile, Will and his family were in Stavanger, Norway. This is their second international posting and they are loving the adventures and lifestyle that international education has provided them.

In today’s conversation, Renea and Will share the approaches they have used to analyze student needs at Nido de Aguilas to refine and extend Support Services programming. Additionally, we will discuss how they have built relationships with other AASSA partners, like WIDA, to accomplish the goal of broadening and deepening supports for their students.


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