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AASSA Radio Episode 10- Web Design and Communications

Robert Kenevan, Director of Innovation and Technology at Colegio Panamericano in Bucaramanga, Colombia chats with Dr. Derek Rhoads about:

  1. his school’s approach to its webpage and redesign

  2. complimentary mediums of e-communications strategies.

Robert Kenevan is the Director of Innovation and Technology at Colegio Panamericano, which is one of three international schools currently STEM certified by AdvancED. Prior to Colegio Panamericano, he has had Director of Technology posts in: Seattle, US; Bahia, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt; Bogota, Colombia. He completed officer training and his undergraduate at Norwich University in Vermont, and holds an M.Ed in Technology and Management. Robert also works with schools in action planning and executing their innovation efforts.

Agile Webpage Design and Creation

What is the purpose and who is the audience of your school’s webpage?

In this podcast, we discuss launching the process of webpage design and creation by first establishing the audience and the purpose of a new school’s website by using visitor analytics. Then we explore the design process, from the benefits of creating the website in-house to creating and gathering content, through finalizing with a soft launch of the new website.


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