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AASSA Radio Episode 12- The Design of Manageable Learning Sets

Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda share with our listeners their focus on designing manageable learning sets, especially in times of remote teaching and learning during COVID-19, but also for post-pandemic learning environments. This AASSA Radio episode is a teaser for Heidi and Allison’s AASSA Connect Workshop series in the October 2020 (free for AASSA members).

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs is an internationally recognized leader in the design of responsive learning experiences and modern school environments. Her models and work on curriculum mapping are used throughout the world. She is the author of 13 books and has worked with public and independent schools, national and international organizations, software platforms, and media making groups throughout her career.

Allison Zmuda is going on 19 years as a full-time education consultant specializing in curriculum, assessment, and instruction. She works with her clients to imagine learning experiences that are worthy of the pursuit for both students and educators, designing work that is relevant, meaningful, challenging, and appropriate. In addition to her consulting work, Allison has co-authored 11 books and curates, a website community comprised of her writing and that of colleagues and other educators.

  1. Q 1: What led you to focus on the design of manageable learning sets?

  2. Q 2: What is a learning set?

  3. Q 3: For those people interested in joining you for two workshops, what will they explore and come away with to help navigate a range of evolving learning environments?


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