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AASSA Global Citizen Award Recipients

The AASSA Global Citizen Award sponsored by TieCare International recognizes a student or group of students selected from AASSA Member Schools in good standing that has made exemplary contributions through a school and/or community -based service program which has led either to: greater international understanding, positive local or global change, addressing a global challenge, or changed lives — thereby setting an example for us all.

This year’s recipients’ schools will each receive an award of $1,000 which is to be used to assist the project or charity for which the award was given. We received the strongest pool and greatest number of applicants to date, so all of the applicants are to be applauded for the fine work they are doing.

The recipients were selected by a committee of the AASSA Board of Trustees and they are:

  1. Brighter Vision, Better Future awarded to Mathias Leon Molina of Escuela Campo Alegre, Venezuela, who founded and runs an organization to provide glasses to those who cannot afford them in Caracas.

  2. Crea+, an NGO that provides classes on Saturdays in twelve-week cycles offered by students at Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt in Lima. The awarded students are: Danii Demuro, Saori Ishida, Emily Townsend, Jimena Salinas and Yasuke Suzurida.

  3. EduArts, a project at the American School of Brasilia through which students provide the arts to students in a local public school that has lost its funding for arts education. The students involved are: Jack Romero, Klaudia, Suchy, Isabel Esteves, Nico Caprirolo and Mary Spyrou.

  4. Fundación Esperanza por Honduras, a non- profit organization that helps low income and social risk schools awarded to Carlos Alberto Larach Cardona at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, Honduras. This organization is made up of youth between the ages of 14- 19 years old who dedicate their free time to help students in need by giving them school supplies and by making their environment suitable for learning through remodeling and making adequate bathrooms, supplying classrooms with fans, providing drinkable water and recreational areas with swings, and providing students with nutritious meals.

  5. Ilha do Cardoso Project, a decade -long project at Graded School in Sao Paulo, Brazil through which students have assisted an impoverished island community to be self – sufficient. The recognized students are: Renata Coelho da Rocha Sayão, Karen Kandelman, Fabricio Doring Oddone da Costa and Adam Hunt Fertig.

Thank you to TIECARE International for their funding of this program and congratulations to this year’s recipients for the fine work they are doing.


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