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AASSA Global Citizen Award

AASSA Global Citizen Award  (Sponsored by TIECARE International)

March 3rd Deadline

The AASSA Global Citizen Award sponsored by TieCare International recognizes a student or group of students selected from AASSA Member Schools in good standing that has made exemplary contributions through a school and/or community-based service program which has led either to: greater international understanding, positive local or global change, addressing a global challenge, or changed lives—thereby setting an example for us all.

Each award may be up $1,000 with funds going directly to the school for delivery to the project or charity in the name of the student(s) involved with TieCare International’s sponsorship. The recipients of the award will receive a certificate from AASSA recognizing their achievement.


There may be only one submission per AASSA member school each year.

The project must be the work of the student(s).

Student applicants may be in any grade and must be able to clearly demonstrate the following award criteria:

  1. Commitment to at least one program or undertaking which demonstrates exceptional involvement as a global citizen

  2. Involvement in meeting a legitimate need

  3. Actions that have led to greater international understanding, local or global change, addressed a global challenge, or changed the lives of people in a lasting and meaningful way

*Note: This award is not meant as recognition of academic achievement nor will students be considered based upon the sheer number of activities in which they are involved. It is, rather, recognition of an outstanding contribution to an organization, project or charity as described above.

Application Process:

Please visit the AASSA website for details of the process:

The deadline for submission of all items is March 3rd.   Any applications that are incomplete or not submitted on this date will not be considered.


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