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AASSA Connect Workshop: The Work of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Justice

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Workshop Date | September 10, 2020

Workshop Time | 5:00-6:00pm EDT

Workshop Audience | ALL Educators

Workshop Overview

Too often the practice of DEIJ derails into a deficient mindset that focuses on “saving” students who have been historically marginalized and oppressed, such as the LGBTQI community or Black, Indigenous or Students of Color (BIPOC). However, the insidious nature of this approach is that the given identities of students become inadvertently seen as barriers in and of themselves. The identities of our most marginalized and oppressed students are not barriers; all students, regardless of their identity markers matter and should be celebrated. The true barriers are the violents systems of heteronormativity, classism and white supremacy, to name a few. Resultantly, the work of DEIJ needs to happen with all students, including those who benefit from those systems. In this session, participants will examine why this work MUST also happen in privileged spaces, including international schools. We will explore how allowing our students to remain ignorant and unaware of the systems they benefit from and the ways they may be complicit in oppression is both dangerous and problematic. Participants will hear from a variety of perspectives, including documented research and scholars, and testimonials from teachers and students.


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