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AASSA 2016 Governance Conference

for School Heads and Board Members September 22 – 24, 2016 Marriott Dadeland Hotel Miami, Florida


Pre-Conference: Thursday, September 22, 2016

Everything you always wanted to know about Governance but were afraid to ask!

A Personalized Pre-conference for Trustees and Heads of Schools

The shift towards more personalized learning is one of the most significant educational directions of recent years. As so often though we fail to recognize that learning is scalable. What works for student learners works for adult learners, too. We need personalized learning as much as our students do. This pre-conference recognizes that principle, and so builds its structure around your expressed personal learning. We’ll be finding out what your aspirations, concerns and questions are through well-planned surveys, then molding our day around the emerging trends in your responses.

Facilitated by Teresa Arpin and Kevin Bartlett


 Main Conference: September 23 & 24, 2016

Throughout the conference we will be exploring how the Power of Principles can be utilized to address all manner of governance challenges, whilst fostering deeper levels of cohesion amongst all school stakeholders.

The program will feature three deep dive topics that will enable participants to engage with in-depth new learning, reflect together and then discuss its application to your school challenges.

The three topics explored in this year’s conference include

THE LEARNING PRINCIPLE: Trustees are collaborators with school leaders in the development and support of connected ecosystems for the defining, designing, delivery and demonstration of learning.

THE GENERATIVE PRINCIPLE: Trustees are collaborators with school leaders in the process of generative thinking.

THE STORY PRINCIPLE: Trustees are collaborators with school leaders in the task of telling the learning story of the school and helping others find their place in that story.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday you will have the opportunity to choose two of the three topics to dive in deeply, growing your understanding and exploring principles related to that topic.

The conference format will also include interactive whole group sessions that will both frame this unique learning experience and provide opportunities for authentic application of what you are learning to real-life situations in your school.

Facilitated by Teresa Arpin,  Kevin Bartlett and David Willows


All information pertaining to the conference, daily schedules, additional details, the registration form and the hotel reservation link are posted on the AASSA website.

The registration and hotel reservation deadline is September 6th

We look forward to seeing you in Miami


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