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A Glimpse Ahead to Next School Year’s Conferences

2017 AASSA Business Managers’ Institute July 17-19, 2017 Marriott Residence Inn, Aventura, FL

The 2017 conference will be facilitated by Dr. William Johnston and focus on sustainable business planning using a structure that combines strategic planning, marketing and multi-year budgeting into a single structure to guide school development for the sustainability of school excellence.

The conference is designed for Business Managers, Heads of School, Development Officers, school administrators and all staff involved in improving their school’s planning process or who simply want to learn a sustainable planning model.

Detailed information will be forthcoming and registration will open in early February.


2017 AASSA Governance Conference for Board Members and School Heads September 14-16, 2017 Marriott Dadeland Hotel, Miami

Our 2017 conference will be a culminating second phase of the unique and different learning event which was launched at last year’s conference. The facilitators will again be Teresa Aprin, Kevin Bartlett, and David Willows.

Pre-Conference: September 14, 2017

Board Basics: Tarpits and Toolkits

Schools are among the most complex of human organizations, so governing them can be a complicated business. This pre-conference will cut through that complexity to bring systems thinking to our approach to governance. We’ll begin by scoping out what the work of the Board is, and is not, using some key principles and organizers. We’ll then take a look into some common ‘tarpits’, the lurking pitfalls that can bog us down and hold us back, and we’ll offer practical toolkits to support the fundamental work of good governance. The approach will be engaging and interactive, with plenty of opportunities to meet and learn from other board members and school leaders.

Main Conference: September 15 & 16, 2017

The Transformational Board: Optimizing our Impact

Great schools have a transformational impact on the lives of their students. Great Boards and leaders have a transformational impact on their schools. Throughout this two-day learning conversation we will explore what it means to move from basic transactional work to transformative work. Together we’ll define ‘transformationals’. Then we’ll take deep dives into key principles and practices that take our work to a higher level. These will include the opportunity to transform our approaches to advancement, to explore our willingness to abandon ineffective practices that are holding us back, and to take the journey from mission to measurement, taking a hard look at the evidence that we, our leaders and our schools are having the impacts we really want. As always, the working style will be interactive and engaging, as we learn from experience and each other.

The conference will be open to Board Members, Heads of School and any staff members involved in governance.

Detailed information will be forthcoming and registration will open in early April.


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