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AMISA School Member Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AMISA Member School.  We look forward to working together and thank you for your support of our organization and our region. 

Please complete the form below and Submit. 


The AMISA Board of Trustees reviews and approves all applications for membership.  Upon approval of your application, we will invoice you for the annual membership fee which covers membership for the academic year from July 1 through June 30.

Part I: School Information

Part II: Enrollment Information

Part III: Membership Standards

Has the school been in existence for a minimum of 5 years?
Does the school follow and American/International curriculum?
Is the primary language of instruction English?
Is the school accredited by a recognized U.S. accrediting agency or the Council of International Schools?
Is the school led by an on-site Chief Administrative Officer?
Does the school have a Child Protection Policy and engaged in ongoing child protection training?
Does the school adhere to ethical governance with fiduciary structures in place?
Does the school comply with AMISA Code of Ethics for Member Schools?
Does the school publish in full public disclosure its mission, programs and practices--and are they aligned with the best practices of AMISA member schools?
Is the school aligned and committed to the mission and purposes of AMISA, including active participation in AMISA professional development events?

Part IV: Supporting Documentation

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Part V: Membership Level

Please Select the Membership Type for which you are applying:
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