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VocabularySpellingCity Hosts Webinar

VocabularySpellingCity Hosts Webinar

with Literacy Expert Tim Rasinski, Ph.D.

VocabularySpellingCity, a game-based online learning program, is proud to have recently become an Associate Member of AASSA, partnering in its goal of improving the quality of teaching and learning worldwide.

In December, VocabularySpellingCity hosted a webinar with literacy expert and Kent State University Professor Tim Rasinski, Ph.D. In the webinar, “Automaticity in Word Learning Improves Comprehension,” Dr. Rasinski clarified some misconceptions about fluency, reconfirmed some of our ideas, and offered a practical instructional sequence to more than 1,600 educators who registered. A few highlights:

  1. Fluency is not about reading fast, but the ability to recognize a word’s meaning.

  2. Patterns in words build word recognition.

  3. Fluency lesson plans include deep, repeated readings and vocabulary.

Dr. Rasinski’s message reflected VocabularySpellingCity’s focus on vocabulary-building through multiple word exposures, necessary for comprehension and fluency.

Learn more about VocabularySpellingCity in this minute-long video.


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