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Margaret Sanders Foundation Scholarship

Application Deadline: December 8th Margaret Sanders, established a scholarship fund, the Margaret Sanders Foundation, to help graduates of our schools attend college. Over each of the past four years, AASSA students were selected as recipients.

Four scholarships ranging in value and to be decided by the overseeing foundation are awarded each spring to graduating seniors at international schools who demonstrate persistence, motivation, resourcefulness, and acceptance of other cultures and points of view.

Attendance at a 501C (non-profit) university is mandatory, academics, educational and vocational aspirations, financial need and involvement in journalism are also considered in the selection process. Each regional association ultimately chooses one candidate for consideration by the Margaret Sanders Foundation. Each AASSA member school may nominate one candidate, whose application must reach AASSA by Friday, December 8, 2014.

Any applications received after this date or that are incomplete after December 8th will be disqualified. Instructions and the application forms are available in September on the AASSA website. AASSA will then select a maximum of one student from our region and forward that student’s papers to the United Way Foundation. Recipients will be announced at the AAIE Conference in February. Breaking News from the Margaret Sanders Scholarship Foundation Luiza Osorio, a student at Our Lady of Mercy in Rio, was AASSA’s selection for the 2013 Margaret Sanders Scholarship. She came in as the first runner-up, and the great news is that she was awarded the scholarship is will be attending Brown University. Congratulations, Luiza!

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