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How Will You Use Your Experience Abroad to Make the World a Better Place?

Expat youth are in a unique position to experience different cultures and ways of living. Clements Worldwide, leading expat insurance solution provider since 1947, is proud to announce the start of the 9 th annual Expat Youth Scholarship. With the number of expats growing ever year, approaching 1% of the total population, young people educated abroad have the ability to be the inter-cultural ambassadors of tomorrow whether they choose a career in business, humanitarian aid, or government. And with more conflict than ever before, these young people can play a huge role in bridging cultural gaps and encouraging peace.

The Expat Youth Scholarship offers students studying outside of their home countries the opportunity to share their experiences and how they try to make an impact. The challenge for eligible expat youth is to submit a photograph with a short essay that demonstrates how they will use their experience living abroad to make the world a better place.

The Expat Youth Scholarship uses social media platforms for both the submission and voting, engaging the expat community around the world. Expat students can apply by visiting the Expat Youth Scholarship Facebook to see entry requirements and submit.

Family and friends are encouraged to participate by visiting the EYS Facebook page and clicking the “Like” button to be able to access the Scholarship application in the menu bar to see the entries and vote for your favorite. There will be two votes to help select the finalists and winners – a popular vote to select the finalists, and an internal judging to determine the winners.

Winners will be announced July 13th .

We’re looking forward to inspiring entries to see how the expat youth is already taking the world by storm!


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