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Hands-on learning experiences in MYP Spanish B language

by Onalis Velasquez de Zamora Colegio Internacional de Caracas


Making Arepas (Learning about Venezuelan traditional food )

As part of one of the Spanish class units in my MYP10 Class, the HS students learned vocabulary related to food and places to buy different items such as clothes, appliances and groceries in Latin American Countries. They also learned how to use different tenses to talk about past events and routines in their countries such as preterite and imperfect tenses . They combined both tenses to talk about past events and experiences in their previous schools.

They also learned the imperative form of the verbs and how this grammar is used to write recipes. As a wrap up activity for this unit, they brought typical food recipes from their countries. During this class, my students learned how making Arepas, the ingredients and technics prepare them and also the history behind this Venezuelan Traditional Food. Finally, they enjoyed eating them as part of their lunch.


Kinder and 7th grade (A Big Brother activity) MYP Spanish B Activity: A beautiful Fairy Tale

My MYP 7th grade class has studied the Imperfect and preterit tenses. They practiced the different uses of both tenses in a variety of situations in written and oral forms. As a final assessment, the students had to write a fairy tale or a creative story using the grammar already studied in class. They had to illustrate it according to their themes and design a book cover with recycling folders and other art materials. After finishing their product, the students had to read these stories to elementary school kids as a part of C&S requirements related to the MYP Citizenship Objectives.

The students read their stories for a Kinder class at Ms. Irma and Ms. Lucia Spanish lessons. The Children enjoyed this activity very much. They voted for the one they liked the most. The students involved in this activity were Sultan, Jessica, Mudy and Sarjo and Debbie Mbonu whose stories were voted as the most creative in the group.

I am very proud of their work!. Thank you for letting us enjoy these stories with your Kindergarten students.





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