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AASSA Services

AASSA Consultant Search Service

AASSA will assist member schools who want to source a consultant/practitioner from another of our region’s schools for professional development needs.  There will be no cost for our advertising to source a potential consultant and the only payment to the consultant will be their expenses and a small local gift.  We are hoping to encourage low-cost professional development within the region and also to promote the professionalism and talents of those working in our schools. For further information, please visit.

AASSA Purchasing Service

About one-third of AASSA schools are currently using our Purchasing Service.  In a nutshell, the advantages are that service charges are low (6.5% for Full Member schools and 10% for Invitational Member schools), we are a tax-exempt organization and are generally able to purchase items for schools tax-free, and we have the advantage of receiving discounts on most goods from popular vendors because we are buying in bulk.  These discounts are passed along directly to the schools.  In addition, our online system allows you to input orders directly into our system where they are acted upon immediately and to track the status of each purchase order.

For further information.  You are also welcome to contact Paul for information or to contract with AASSA for the year ahead.

AASSA Payment Processing Service AASSA offers a payment processing service to its member schools so that staff salaries and retirement funds can be paid to individual employees’ accounts worldwide.  Salaries are paid to individuals’ accounts in the United States using ACH transfers, whereas payments to accounts in all other countries are done by wire transfer. AASSA maintains an account for each participating school and the school simply transfers funds to AASSA prior to a payment distribution. For further information, please visit .


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