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AASSA Global Citizen Award

The AASSA Global Citizen Award sponsored by TieCare International recognizes a student or group of students selected from AASSA Member Schools in good standing that has made exemplary contributions through a school and/or community-based service program which has led either to:  greater international understanding, positive local or global change, addressing a global challenge, or changed lives—thereby setting an example for us all.

This year’s five recipients selected by the AASSA Board of Trustees will each receive a monetary award which is to be used to assist the project or charity for which the award was given.

The award recipients in alphabetical order by their project are:

1.     Drop of Life (Emma Jacqueline Wynter from the American International School of Kingston, Jamaica):  Emma created this club to raise awareness about the shortage of blood at public hospitals in Jamaica.  She and her recruited club members collected over 300 units of blood for the Blood Bank of Jamaica.

2.      Ideas LUX Initiatives (Erik Mendes Novak from the American School of Rio de Janeiro): Erik founded his own non-profit organization which organizes fundraising opportunities for the nonprofit organizations he teams with.  His work is captured on the following site:

3.      Key Club’s project was The Giving Hope Foundation (32 students from Georgetown International Academy in Georgetown, Guyana): This high school service club raised funds to support pediatric cancer patients in Guyana.  Visit the following sites for a glimpse: and

4.      La Casa de los Niños Foundation (Maria Jose Arrea from Lincoln School in Costa Rica):  Maria has worked with Sonamos Juntos through this foundation to get students involved in positive pursuits in their community:

5.      Tech for the Future Club (Paula Marie Duque, Graciela Maria Elmudesi, Oscar Chang, and Ramon Jesus Tarrago from Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic):  These four students lead a club of 40 students who teach computer skills weekly to 5th graders at a financially disadvantaged local school. Visit  to read an article about their club.

Thank you to TIECARE International for their funding of this program and congratulations to this year’s recipients, their advisers and their schools for the fine work they are doing.  And thank you to ALL of the applicants for your amazing work and dedication.  ALL of you are winners!

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