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A Message From Our Chief Learning Officer: Better Educators. Better Humans.

"Better Educators, Better Humans: The Importance of Understanding Different Perspectives"

Adam Slaton

Chief Instructional Officer, AMISA

Taking the time to understand different perspectives not only makes us better educators; it also makes us better humans.

The theme for our blog for mid-February through mid-April is Perspectives. For this series of blog posts, we asked for contributions around educational topics and issues that might challenge us to think, act, and reflect differently. We asked for people to share their different perspectives. As an educator, one of areas that I practiced daily, and continue to practice, is the process of listening and reflecting on different perspectives. In the classroom, I always guided my students to consider other perspectives in order for them to formulate their own. As an adult, it is still a practice that I find to be challenging, yet rewarding. It forces me to reflect on my own understandings and experiences, and allows me to try to begin to understand the circumstances and experiences of others that helped shape their perspectives. By taking the time to understand different perspectives, it not only makes us better educators; it makes us better humans.

As you continue to read the articles in this AMISA newsletter blog series, we invite you to not only read the words on the screen, but take time to let them sink in and allow yourself space for reflection. We are best able to tackle the world’s problems as a united team, which can only happen by truly connecting with one another and learning from the many perspectives that flow through our relationships.

Happy reflecting!


Of course, I can't end this post without sharing some information on AMISA Professional Learning.

AMISA offers professional learning opportunities throughout the year including virtual workshops, partner webinars, and in-person conferences. Many of our events are free or discounted for all educators at AMISA-member schools!

Check out the events below and be sure to bookmark our professional learning webpage to stay up-to-date on our events.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

Upcoming In-Person Conferences


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