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3D Round Ridges

Pam Shakil

Consultant,     Transformation Systems

Pam Shakil, an associate with Transformation Systems with over twenty years of international school experience, is passionate about helping school communities thrive. Empowering people to create shared meaning and collaborate are at the heart of everything she does. Pam specializes in strategic planning processes and measuring the impacts of strategic plans on student learning. She leads workshops, retreats, and orientations for boards of trustees, administrators, faculty and staff, parent groups, alumni associations and student teams. In her work across the globe, Pam applies a multicultural mindset that is a product of her experiences growing up as a third culture kid. For her, cultivating understanding and trust is the key to building meaningful and lasting connections.

Jeff Keller.jpg

Dr. Jeff Keller

Good Governance Consultant

Jeff greatly enjoyed the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish and immerse himself in the Latin culture while living and working in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua over the course of his 42 year career in international education. Jeff worked collaboratively with Governance Boards for a total of 32 years as Head of School for five different international schools in Latin America.

Amanda Bickerstaff.jpeg

Amanda Bickerstaff


AI for Education

Amanda is the Co-Founder and CEO of AI for Education. A former high school biology teacher and EdTech executive with over 20 years of experience in the education sector. She has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that AI can offer. She is a frequent consultant, speaker, and writer on the topic of AI in education, leading workshops and professional learning across both K12 and Higher Ed. Amanda is committed to helping schools and teachers maximize their potential through the ethical and equitable adoption of AI.

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