THRIVING SYSTEMS: Dynamic Professional Learning Structures in Schools
SEPT 2021 - JUNE 2022 | Online Workshop Series

THRIVING SYSTEMS: Dynamic Professional Learning Structures in Schools

Join Ginger Carlson and Adam Slaton in learning how to build sustainable professional learning structures in schools! This event needs a minimum of 5 teams to run.

Time & Location

SEPT 2021 - JUNE 2022
Online Workshop Series

About the Event

What does it mean to have an alive and thriving system? How does dynamic professional learning create impact and support the conditions for the system to flourish? And what elements of the system drive sustainability?

This year-long cohort experience guides teams through envisioning, designing, and implementing professional learning structures within a dynamic organization. These intersecting structures serve as the blueprint in building the foundation that supports a sustainable, meaningful, and thriving learning system. Throughout the year, personalized, evidence-based design experiences for adult learners will be covered in distinct phases in synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Topics include:

-Structures and systems that work

-Universal professional learning standards

-Designing for intentionality

-Creating budget models to support learning

-Professional learning delivery practices

-Feedback and evaluation techniques

-Documentation of impact

This comprehensive experience will serve as a catalyst to transform adult learning within an organization. Being a part of this experience is a commitment made by the school to create and implement dynamic professional learning structures to leverage the highest impact for the school community.

Schools selected to be a part of this cohort will form an integrated learning network that will continue to shape and impact professional learning. Each team will engage in an individualized learning and development experience based on the needs and values of the organization for which they are designing.

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