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Learning Walk

Learning Walks Towards Co-Designing a
Student-Centered School

$125.00 per person | Members
$325.00 per person | Non-Members

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MARCH 28 | 7:30am - 4pm
Places: American School of Guatemala & Colegio Maya

Participants will have the opportunity to spend the day learning and exploring at two school campuses: 

The American School of Guatemala AND Colegio Maya

Transportation, lunch, & coffee break are included in the pre-conference price.

Colegio Americano de Guatemala Campus Focus: Fostering Student Agency through a Student-Centered Approach


Anchored in its mission of empowering students to achieve their full potential and inspiring them to lead meaningful lies as responsible members of a global society and its learner profile VIDAS:

  • Values-oriented

  • Innovative

  • Dynamic 

  • Actively engaged

  • Service-driven,


The American School of Guatemala provides learners at all levels with student-centered experiences that develop student agency through opportunities for students to inform program development.  During this segment of the Pre-Conference, participants will learn about CAG’s key programs that feature student voice and choice and will explore the spaces in the Home of the Hornets that promote engagement in active learning as part of the school’s curricular and extracurricular offerings including: -Middle and High School Mini/Middle-mesters with student-proposed and created courses,  -“Hornets’ Time” as intervention blocks for Lower School students,  -WIN (“What I Need”) built in to schedules for students to pursue individualized support, -Student leadership opportunities to foster positive school culture and community, -Extracurricular activities for students of all ages crafted by student-input and initiation, -Extending learning into the community via the High School Internship Program Participants will gain experience about these programs and the spaces that enrich CAG’s student-centered approach such as the Learning Lab, flexible spaces in classrooms, and external locations such as labs at the university and community business partners.  As a result of this guided exploration, participants will reflect on their own schools’ approaches to fostering student agency and will develop a plan to enhance opportunities for students to have greater choice and voice in co-designing and co-creating their learning experiences.

Colegio Maya Campus Focus: Creating Capacity in Fostering Individual Talents

Building upon a rich history of learning while looking forward - Colegio Maya’s strategic plan highlights Inquiry, Personal and Interdisciplinary Learning as key components of the student learning experience for fostering individual talents. 


During the learning engagement, participants will have the opportunity to use an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) lens in personally discovering gems of generative learning leadership experiences at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Participants will have the opportunity to view and participate in learning experiences that include elements of inquiry, design, personal and interdisciplinary learning that will take place amidst the maker space of the Innovation Hub, performing space in the Performing Arts Center and shared outdoor learning spaces on campus to enhance student learning. These learning opportunities may lead participants to consider subsequent AI stages of dream and design for their use in their own schools.

ICMEC Level II Child Protection
Team Training

$125.00 per person | Members

$325.00 per person | Non-Members

icmec website.png

MARCH 28 | 8:00am - 4pm
Place: American School of Guatemala

Lunch & coffee break are included in the pre-conference price.

Level II training is designed for international school administrators and members of school child protection teams who have already excperienced Level I training. This is a train-the-trainer format that utilizes a case-oriented approach to learning that provides opportunities for evaluation and extended practice of the ITFCP allegation protocol elements, including drafting of crisis communications. 


Some topics covered during the training will be: peer abuse response, prevention of online sexual abuse, working with parents, crisis communications, understanding offender behavior, and addressing conditions that enable institutional abuse and misconduct. This training provides structured planning time based on policy audits and content presented with feedback from training experts.


Enroll in a Conference Mini-Series

Conference Mini-Series are opportunities for deeper learning with an expert consultant for 2 hours each day over the course of the conference. Participants that register are part of a learning cohort over the three days. As these are only 2 hours each day, participants will have the opportunity to engage in other conference workshops during the conference. Mini-Series have limited enrollment and will close one full. There is no extra cost for registering for a Mini-Series.

Participants may only register for ONE Mini-Series for the entire three days. 


Visionary Leadership

Madeleine Maceda Heide 

Educational Consultant

Women of Leadership

This mini-series is for women aspiring to be leaders AND for women who are already in a leadership role, who wish to pursue, expand, or re-energize their dreams of leadership.  Participants will endorse the value of female leadership, understand the barriers women face today, review their own past leadership journey, and design a roadmap that will advance their leadership dreams. Led by three experienced women leaders within the AMISA region, this is a safe space to do a deep dive into leadership and ignite your dreams of leadership!

Learning objectives coming soon.

julie stern.jpg

Progressive Learning

Julie Stern
Best-selling Author & Global Consultant

Co-Designing Learning That Transfers

Harness the critical concepts of traditional disciplines while building students’ capacity to navigate, interpret, and transfer their learning to solve novel and complex modern problems that are personally relevant to them. This hands-on series will show participants step-by-step strategies to create a culture of transfer in schools and classrooms.

Day 1

-Consider how all fields of study or areas of expertise contain conceptual structures


-Expand our view of classroom content to increase relevance and authenticity 

Day 2

-Adapt next-day strategies for immediate use in the classroom 

Day 3

-Boost the humanity and dignity of every student in your classroom

Jennifer Fero_edited.jpg

Vibrant Communities

Jennifer Fero
Director of Community Schools
Gwinnett County Public Schools

Increase Student Agency, Leverage Community Engagement, and Making Learning Relevan through Shared Leadership Practices

Creating inclusive schools begins with a focus on the community. Engage with Jennifer in this workshop series around how to create inclusive schools by engaging your community into the fabric of your instutition.

Learning objectives coming soon.

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