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Part I: Planning Strategically in an Ever-Evolving World

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world, strategic planning is more crucial than ever for schools to navigate uncertainty and achieve progress. This session is designed to equip educators and school leaders with a time-tested model and tools needed to plan strategically and adapt effectively in an ever-evolving environment. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants will explore the key ingredients and best practices in effective strategic planning and understand how these keep schools grounded and continually moving forward in the face of change.

Part II: Measuring Progress: Developing Effective Measurement Practices

This workshop is designed to empower educators and school leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to develop and implement effective measurement practices in schools. In an era of data-driven decision-making, meaningful measurement is essential for assessing student learning, evaluating program effectiveness, and driving continuous improvement. Through this workshop, participants will explore key principles in designing and implementing measurement tools and processes and their application in driving student success and school improvement.




Participants will be able to attend two of the workshops offered.

Building a Culture of Accountability: Strengthening School Culture for Success

This workshop is designed to empower educators and school leaders with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to cultivate a culture of accountability in schools. A culture of accountability fosters a sense of ownership, responsibility, and commitment among all stakeholders, leading to increased student achievement, improved school performance, and enhanced overall school culture. Through a framework grounded in clarity and accountability, participants will explore effective tools and strategies to strengthen school culture so that they may inspire greater positive change and progress in their schools.

Head of School Evaluation and Support
Being the Head of an International School is a complex and challenging position.  Participants in this session will examine professional standards that should be considered by Boards when developing the job description for the Head of School and when creating the Head of School Evaluation Instrument.  The Evaluation Instrument should also include annual agreed upon goals that are focused on growth and improvement.  During the work session in the afternoon, Participants will have an opportunity to create a Head of School Evaluation Instrument or modify their existing Instrument.

Measuring Progress Towards Your School’s Mission

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, it is crucial for schools to continually assess their alignment with their mission and make data-informed decisions to ensure they are fulfilling their core purpose and values. This workshop is designed to guide educators and school leaders in effectively measuring progress toward their school’s mission. Participants will delve into tools and processes to effectively measure progress towards their school mission, drive continuous improvement, and ultimately enhance the impact and effectiveness of their educational programs.

Board Sustainability
Participants in this session will examine the principles of good practice that empower sustainability in exceptional Boards.  Once these practices are identified, it is important that Boards conduct an annual evaluation of their performance to determine their effectiveness as a Board and as individual Board Members.  During the work session in the afternoon, Participants will have an opportunity to develop a Board Self-Evaluation Instrument.




Part I: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education

Participants will dive into the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence and look at its current and future implications for our schools. Part I will focus on the evolution of AI and lessons learned by schools along the way. It will explore the importance of engaging school stakeholders in AI thinking and setting the school and its students up for future success living in a world where AI flourishes. 

Part II: AI Policy Making and Implementation Roadmaps

Part II of this workshop will focus on AI Policy and Implementation. Participants will engage in the development of AI Policies for their schools based on ideas of ethics and accessibility. Additionally, roadmaps will be created by schools on the implementation of AI policy. Whether schools are just beginning with AI, or are already on their journey, this process will help school define and refine their AI policies and implementation strategies.

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