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Upcoming free IB Professional Development Webinar Facilitated by Follett

Upcoming free PD webinar facilitated by Follett.  It is scheduled for January 20th 2016.

Registration link and details:

Join us for this fascinating webinar, where we will review what makes an excellent IB Library. You’ll learn how you can effectively build your collection over time to best meet the specific needs of the IB curriculum across PYP, MYP and DP programmes. We’ll look at major milestones in the PYP-MYP-DP continuum and suggest ways in which you can support students and teachers.

Stuart Crouch and Courtney Moore will share expertise and ideas on these IB topics:

  1. PP – Personal Project

  2. EE – Extended Essay

  3. ToK – Theory of Knowledge

  4. IDUs – Interdisciplinary Units

  5. Units – Units of Work

  6. EAL support  – audiobooks

  7. PYP – Things new librarians can implement immediately

  8. PYP – Exhibition

  9. PYP – Units

The presenters will also share best practices, resources they rely upon to ensure their IB library runs smoothly, and what the library spaces at ISD look like, including pods, teaching areas, and how these spaces are used to best promote the highest level of student achievement.



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