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ISC Datashare and ISC Online for Schools

ISC Research announces ISC Datashare and ISC Online for Schools

ISC Research, the leading organisation for data and market intelligence on the international schools market and a research partner of AASSA, has introduced major innovations to its services through ISC Datashare and ISC Online for Schools. These enhancements are designed to make it easier for international schools to share their data and to access real-time analyses and data relating to their market – at no cost.

ISC Datashare: connecting international schools

ISC Datashare connects AASSA member schools not only with other international schools worldwide, but also with universities and other higher education institutions across the globe, thereby providing greater opportunities for students preparing for the next stage of their learning. ISC Datashare also links international schools with potential investors seeking to identify new growth and expansion opportunities. In addition, ISC Datashare raises the visibility of international schools among parents and so helps them in their selection of a school.

ISC Online for Schools: market intelligence for international schools

ISC Online for Schools, which is the ‘window’ for accessing ISC Datashare, is the only online market intelligence service about international schools for international schools. It gives international schools free access to the most current and comprehensive market news and information including:

  1. Detailed data on the global international schools market (ISC Online for Schools includes real-time analysis of the international schools market by school size, enrolment phases, staffing levels, orientation, curricula and examinations, which can be filtered by city, country and region).

  2. Profile information about other international schools worldwide with details of location, school size, curricula taught, examinations offered and accreditation bodies.

  3. Latest published news relevant to the market, both local and global, including key national education policy and higher education news. All news can be searched by country.

  4. A calendar of international school events, conferences and seminars which can be searched by date and country.

  5. Reports on the international schools market.

  6. Insights and data gathered from peer-to-peer forums on topics proposed by ISC Datashare contributors.

  7. The facility to initiate contact and develop relationships with other international schools irrespective of location.

By having access to this combination of real-time data and analyses coupled with regular and ad-hoc reports, international schools will remain constantly up-to-date with trends and developments in the market. With this information, schools will be able to accurately benchmark against a range of criteria so that they can assess where they stand within the international schools community either at a city, country, regional or global level. Armed with this market intelligence, schools will therefore be much better positioned to make informed decisions.

How to participate in ISC Datashare

A licence to ISC Online for Schools is free to all international schools that share their school data through ISC Datashare. Schools are initially asked to validate their current profile and then update it at least once a year to maintain continued, free access to ISC Online for Schools. This will mean that the data and market analyses accessible through ISC Online for Schools are regularly updated and remain as accurate as possible.

International schools can register for ISC Datashare at and will have immediate free access to ISC Online for Schools.

ISC Datashare is one of the research services offered to international schools by ISC Research which is a member and research partner of AASSA.


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