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Creating a Resilient Learning Enterprise for the Future

Join Ian Symmonds from Ian Symmonds & Associates in Creating a Resilient Learning Enterprise for the Future


Meeting Dates: 1/27, 2/3, 2/13 & 2/25

Meeting Times:  3:30-6:30pm ET

Audience: School Heads, CFO’s, Senior Leaders

  1. This experience is designed for cohorts of school teams


  3. Cost covers registration for up to 4 school team members – pricing information and details


Course Overview

Join us for a deep learning experience in the key components of strategy development and financial planning in a new post pandemic normal. This four week, online intensive class has been created and customized as a deep professional development experience. Our online intensive will focus on the following key components of resiliency, strategy development and fiscal planning:

(1) New delivery systems, price points, and financial models;  (2) Changing competitive realities; (3) Rethinking assessment and credentialing models; (4) Redesigning our use of time, schedule, and facilities; (5) Leveraging technology to personalize and expand learning; (6) Strategic partnerships to expand school footprint and learning opportunity.


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