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Asociación Escuelas Lincoln’s TEDEd Clubs, 2015-2016


Asociación Escuelas Lincoln’s TEDEd Clubs, 2015-2016

Last year, the American International School of Buenos Aires, Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, joined hundreds of schools around the world and started a TEDEd Club, a club that prepares students to develop ideas worth spreading into TED-like talks.

After months of preparation, students delivered their talks at the first annual TEDxAsociaciónEscuelasLincoln Event to an audience of 100 guests.  These talks were professionally filmed and are uploaded on TEDx’s YouTube Channel.  Students like Analia Wu (@wuanalia) delivered talks that now have over 1400 views.  Caio Brighenti’s (@CaioBrighenti) talk on Climate Change is now part of the HS Bio Curriculum.  He even was offered a workshop at our annual Lincoln Educator’s Conference in September 2015 for a chance to present at AASSA Educators’ Conference 2016 in Lima, Peru.

In just one year, not only were these students’ talks spreading like wildfire, but so was the power of this club.  This year, we grew from 18 to 50 students from all three divisions, elementary, middle, and high school.

On Wednesday, November 25, TEDEd Clubs will host a TEDEd Clubs Event where students from all three clubs will deliver their talks in an informal setting across the campus.  The best of these talks will then be eligible for our second annual TEDxAsociaciónEscuelasLincoln Event in March 5, 2016.

Meet the Lead Organizers, Club Facilitators, and Storytellers of Lincoln’s 2015-2016 TEDEd Clubs below.

If your school is interested in starting a TEDEd Club of TEDx Event, please don’t hesitate to e-mail

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Josefino Rivera (@josefinor), TEDEd Clubs Lead Organizer

  1. Josefino was born in the Philippines and grew up in California.  He holds his BA in English from UC Santa Barbara and his MA in Education from Stanford University.  He’s lived in Rome, Italy; Bonn, Germany; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. His TED journey began as a speaker coach in Bonn’s successful TEDxYouth@BIS Event.  After moving to Argentina, he founded a TEDEd Club and organized the TEDxAsociaciónEscuelasLincoln Event.  Now he is working closely with TEDEd as a TEDEd Innovative Educator.

  3. Favorite Talks: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie and “The Danger of Silence” by Clint Smith.

Geoff Peate (@GeoffPeate), TEDEd Clubs Lead Co-Organizer

  1. Geoff has enjoyed over 18 years of international education, including experiences in India, Denmark, Canada and Argentina.   He has pursued graduate work in both the US and Canada, and is currently a doctoral candidate in New Hampshire, an adopted home.

  2. TED presents an exciting and effective global forum for people to learn about themselves and others.

  3. Favorite Talk: “My philosophy for a happy life” by Sam Berns.

Matt Kroot (@mattkroot), ES TEDEd Club Co-Facilitator

  1. Matt grew up in rural Ontario near Ottawa; attended University in Wales, UK; taught Grade 5 for three years in Cambridge Bay Nunavut, Grade 4 and Elementary Technology Specialist for 3 years at Cayman International School; and now Grade 5 Teacher at Lincoln.

  2. He loves the way TED talks invite people to examine ideas through a new lens, foster discussion, and challenge people to question and possibly reshape their own opinions and understandings. The passion that TED presenters bring to the stage is the same passion he strives to ignite in each of his students

  3. Favorite Talk: “Every kid needs a champion” by Rita Pierson.

Matthew Wiest (@wiest_matthew), ES TEDEd Club Co-Facilitator

  1. Matthew is a Third Culture Kid (TCK), an American citizen, born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (although it was called Upper Volta at the time, in West Africa).  After living in Nairobi, Jakarta, and Rabat he attended Northwestern University in Illinois and New York University in New York City.  For 10 years he lived in NYC and taught for 5 in the the MYC Public School System in Brooklyn, New York. Now he is in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his wife and son.

  2. He decided to become a TED-Ed Facilitator because he liked working with kids to help them pursue their passions.  He looks forward to grappling with the process of developing these ideas and then to help the students (and myself) effectively communicate them.  No small task!

Christine Calderon (@misscalderon416), MS TEDEd Club Facilitator

  1. Christine was born in Manila, Philippines. She is from Toronto, Canada.  She lived in Panama City, Panama; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. She’s convinced that within all students are superheroes able to make positive change – they just need a hand in helping put on their proverbial cape so they can tell their story.

  3. Favorite Talks: “A Radical Experiment in Empathy”  by Sam Richards and “The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen”  by Hans Rosling.

Sarah Waldron (@misswaldron12), HS TEDEd Club Facilitator

  1. Sarah was born in Houston, Texas but grew up all over the world. As an adult, her international journey has continued. The Netherlands, Canada, Qatar, India, Thailand and Argentina are all countries that she has called “home” at some point in her life.

  2. She became a TED-Ed Facilitator for many of the same reasons she became a teacher. She believes that TEDEd inspires young people to work to their potential as innovators, creators, thinkers and leaders. Watching students realize and gain the confidence to share their passions with a wider audience is truly inspiring.

  3. Favorite Talks: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie and “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay.

Andrea Rodrigues, TEDEd Club Facilitador en Español y Português

  1. Andrea was born in São Paulo, Brazil. As an adolescent, she moved to Buenos Aires, where she learned Spanish, a language that she considers her second first language. She also lived in in Boca Raton, Florida.

  2. Understanding that knowing languages is understanding cultures, she became a TEDEd Facilitator to give the opportunity to students to present their passions in other languages than English.

  3. Favorite Talk: “How Painting Can Transform Communities” by Haas Han.

Yau-Jau Ku (@yaujauku), Social Media Storyteller

  1. Ku was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He lived in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and now, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. He loves being able to capture a story through a photo or video. He’s excited to share his students’ brilliant ideas doing just this through the power of Social Media.

  3. Favorite Talk: “Every kid needs a champion” by Rita Pierson.

Veronica Bradham (@VBradham), Website Storyteller

  1. Veronica was born in Marietta, GA and has lived in South Bend, IN; New Orleans, LA; and now Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2. At every turn students have the ability to surprise teachers with their innovation and personal interest beyond the scope of the classroom. TEDEd’s forum of open discussion of ideas allows for teachers to peer through a small window of what those ideas are and from there, help them flourish. This, coupled with the opportunity to work with other professionals at Lincoln with similar desires to foster student innovation, is the reason she became a Storyteller.

  3. Favorite Talks: The Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky, Beatbox Brilliance by Tom Thun, and Grand Slam Poetry by Harry Baker.


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