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Amazon Aid Foundation’s Petition

by Heather Mytelka, Program Manager, Amazon Aid Foundation

Dear all,

I’m excited to announce Amazon Aid’s petition asking the delegates to COP 20 to protect standing forests in the Amazon is live! Thank you to everyone who helped us get here and prepare our first big student push. Since you all are such amazing educators and change makers who work with incredibly dedicated students, we need your help to collect as many signatures as possible before the COP!

Here are the links to the petition on We would be incredibly grateful if you all could send these out to your student networks:

I also whipped up this graphic below that will be posted on AAF’s facebook, twitter, and instagram sometime tomorrow. Please feel free to share or make your own! Anything that helps us get the word out.


Thank you in advance for helping us get these important signatures. We’re already nearing 100 signatures before blasting this out through emails and social media. United our voices are stronger, so let’s raise them in support of the rainforest!


Heather Mytelka

Program Manager 

Amazon Aid Foundation


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