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#AASSA17 Educators’ Conference Schedule App

Based around the theme of (Re), the conference design is centered around a collaborative think-tank whose aim is to (re)think and (re)invent international education. The conference will feature 3 keynoters (Craig Johnston, Michael Ehrhardt and Myron Dueck) who will challenge, respectively, the current system of international education, the teachers, and the students.

We will have a wide variety of sessions, most of which will be collaborative by design: Teacher Workshops, Ted Talk workshops, cohorts each day of the conference, reverse mentoring sessions led by EARJ students, Edcamp, and a Learning Fair Gallery. In addition, we are planning an all-day institute each day for up to 100 conference participants (different each day) to work with our three presenters to drill deeper into the reinvention.

Download Sched app:

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