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AASSA Grant Helps to Fund Restitution Training at Asociación Escuelas Lincoln

by Kristen Rosenfield

On September 15 and 16, 2016 international speaker Ruth Hargrave conducted a Restitution Self Discipline, Level I training at Asociación Escuelas Lincoln. A large portion of the funding for this was provided through a generous grant from AASSA.

What is Restitution?

Diane Gossen developed this model for classroom management based on Dr. William Glasser’s concepts of Control Theory. As Gossen explains, “Restitution is about ‘making it right.’ It is an approach to discipline which recognizes that young people will make mistakes and that these situations provide opportunities for students to take responsibility, choose effective behaviors and create positive solutions.”

Restitution is about helping a child become the kind of person she or he wants to be. It helps a child evaluate what they can do to fix their own mistakes, thereby reclaiming their self-esteem through personal effort, taking action in making reparation, and strengthening the agreed upon beliefs and values about how we treat others.

The goal in implementing this model is establishing a common language around discipline within the school community and train teachers and parents on how to create the conditions in which a child can learn new behaviors that can be used in other situations; conditions where a child can be strengthened and develop self-understanding.


Ruth kicked off her time at Lincoln with a very well-attended workshop for parents. She provided practical information about the five basic needs that influence behavior (Survival, Belonging, Power/Success, Fun, and Freedom) and asked audience members to conduct their own needs inventory. It was an interesting and enlightening experience for all who participated.


Lincoln counselors across all divisions are excited about the implementation of Restitution. Next steps in the process  include faculty workshops and offering a PLC with Diane Gossen’s book “It’s All About We” next semester.


For more information on Restitution, including training workshops and materials, check out: Images included in this article provided by Ruth Hargrave.


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