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A New Approach to Learning Outside of the Traditional Classroom

by Derek Devine, Senior International Business Development Manager, Edmentum International 

The unprecedented events of recent months have put teaching and learning in the spotlight. According to Barclays, educational institutions have closed in 107 countries and 860 million students have been affected. 

Education leaders have faced many challenges. The successful leaders have managed to prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of their students whilst maintaining learning continuity through a variety of different distance, hybrid and blended learning approaches.

However, uncertainty still prevails, and there is little consensus as to what the future of education will hold this fall. All schools have prepared for a variety of different ‘return to learn’ challenges and scenarios. Many have developed plans that are flexible and will allow them to transition between 100% face-to-face teaching, 100% remote learning, hybrid learning, rotating schedules of face-to-face and remote learning, and sporadic short-term closures (with shifts to remote learning).

Flexibility, digital curriculum, teacher CPD and equity are critical components of the emerging new online learning world that has enabled schools to ensure learning can take place anytime and anywhere.

Global Educational Support, Anywhere, Anytime

We currently work with AASSA member schools and have a variety of flexible models that can be tailored to support your school through the challenges. Our curriculum resources are designed to support and help teachers improve the quality of teaching and learning that is taking place.

London Academy Casablanca, Morocco, has been utilizing our Virtual School (Edoptions Academy) for a number of years. They offer additional Advanced Placement (AP) and elective courses, as Angela Arigoni-Mesfioui, Principal, explains:

We needed a program that would provide our students with qualified teachers, strong and rigorous content, and a diploma accredited by a recognized agency.

“The system allows students to feel in control of their learning. They are the ones choosing the electives they want and are interested in. In addition, the students like the fact that the platform is adaptive, and they can go at their own pace. Some accelerate, while others take their time and are paced by the teachers.

For more information, please visit or contact me at or +44 (0)1572 492576.


Barclays. (2020). Education technology: out with the old school [Online]. Barclays. Available at: (Accessed: 17th August 2020).

Author: Derek Devine has many years’ experience supporting schools on the introduction of both assessments and digital curriculum to inform teaching and learning. Derek has run workshops across Africa, the Middle East and Asia and regularly acts as a facilitator, speaker, and trainer during international school conferences such as COBIS, IPSEF, AISA and LAHC. 


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