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EDCON23 Participant Information Page



Wear clothing that represents the culture and colors of your country for everyone to see! 



Wear clothing that represents your school! Break out the School Swag to show your pride!



Let's celebrate our AMISA Community by wearing something RED, BLACK, and WHITE !



We are excited to welcome you to Guatemala and to the beautiful campus of

The American School of Guatemala for our conference!

Please read the following information to assist you in making the most of your conference experience.


We will be using Whova for our conference app experience! Information on sessions, speakers, schedule, daily transportation, events, exhibitors, networking with other participants and sharing photos is all located in one place! Download the app using the buttons below. Not interested in the app for your mobile device? Access the web version using the button below. 







  • Educator and Partner participants are responsible for arranging transfers to and from the airport

  • UBER is available in Guatemala for transportation purposes, or check with your hotel to see if there is a shuttle option


  • Busses will operate on a route between the school and the designated conference hotels each morning and each afternoon for all participants and partner exhibitors

  • Transportation information can be found on the mobile or web version of the conference app in the LOGISTICS section

  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation if they are not staying at a designated conference hotel, or if they do not take conference transportation during designated operating hours (taxi and UBER are options)


A list of conference hotels can be found HERE. These hotels have offered a special rate for AMISA Educators' Conference participants. Book as soon as possible, as rooms are on a first-come first-served basis. These are the hotels that are located along the Bus Route to and from the conference each day. If you stay at a hotel that is not listed as a designated conference hotel, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation. 



Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the conference registration for the three days of the conference. There will be vegetarian options each day for those that do not eat meat protein; however, if you have a specific dietary need, please email Terri Williams at


Conference Mini-series events are designed to give an in-depth learning experience for a cohort of learners over the course of three days. Each mini-series will have a 1hr 45min session of learning each day, allowing participants to take advantage of other workshops happening throughout the day.

Mini-series events during the conference are ONLY OPEN to those that pre-registered. Participants that registered for a mini-series must attend all mini-series sessions during the conference. If you already pre-registered for a Mini-series, you will receive a confirmation two weeks prior to the conference. To register for a Mini-series you must contact Terri Williams at 

The deadline to register for a Mini-Series is March 17th. 

Mapping Your Own Leadership Journey: Discovering Your Leadership Voice & Creating Your Own Toolkit for Leadership - Madeleine Maceda Heide, Shannon Beckley-Hobbs, Jessica Gilway,  (50 person limit)

This mini-series is for women aspiring to be leaders AND for women who are already in a leadership role, who wish to pursue, expand, or re-energize their dreams of leadership.  Participants will endorse the value of female leadership, understand the barriers women face today, review their own past leadership journey, and design a roadmap that will advance their leadership dreams. Led by three experienced women leaders within the AMISA region, this is a safe space to do a deep dive into leadership and ignite your dreams of leadership!


Increase Student Agency, Leverage Community Engagement, and Making Learning Relevant - Jennifer Fero            (50 person limit)

Join Jennifer Fero in creating inclusive schools begins with a focus on the community. Engage in this workshop series around how to create inclusive schools by engaging your community into the fabric of your institution. We are not the experts: Our students are the first generation to be schooled by those who did not come of age with the internet, they have significantly different lived experiences than we do. Growing Your Bench: How to grow leadership capacity among your students at various levels. Internship Incubator: Leverage your students to engage staff and families who are not otherwise involved in your school’s community.

Co-designing Learning that Transfers - Julie Stern (100 person limit)

Join Julie Stern in order to harness the critical concepts of traditional disciplines while building students’ capacity to navigate, interpret, and transfer their learning to solve novel and complex modern problems that are personally relevant to them. This hands-on series will show participants step-by-step strategies to create a culture of transfer in schools and classrooms.



Participants can earn 1 college credit for US$60.00 just for attending the conference. Click here to read more details and register for the course. 


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