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Teacher Certification Information

Certification is the basic license to teach in U.S. public schools and international schools abroad.  AASSA member schools generally require teaching candidates to be certified in the field(s) for which they are applying.

Certification Requirements and State Contacts

  • Certification is issued by each State's Department of Education in the U.S.   Equivalent licensure is issued by the government or Education Ministry in other countries.  The pages which follow provide information to assist candidates with the requirements for certification.

National Board Certification

  • The National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification in education.  Holding NBCT certification signifies that teachers have gone much further than the required State standards in developing and demonstrating advanced, knowledge, skills and practices characterizing an outstanding educator.  Visit the National Board Certification site.  

Alternate Routes to Certification

  • TeacherReady® is an online teacher certification program that takes only 9 months to complete. TeacherReady® has students from every state in the US and in 71 other countries. We are NCATE accredited through the Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida and state of Florida approved. This revolutionary online program provides the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to become a successful teacher in today’s classrooms. TeacherReady® completers who wish to pursue an online Masters will receive 12 credit hours waived off their Masters at UWF or our partner university CSU-Global. Student loans and payment plans are available.


US citizens receive a Florida Professional Teaching Certificate. Non-Citizens with social security numbers receive a statement of eligibility from Florida stating they have met all criteria for certification and would receive a professional certificate if hired in Florida. All students, even all Non-Citizens, receive transcripts from UWF showing detailed coursework completed, certificates of completion from TeacherReady® and a Reading Competency 2 certificate of completion.


  • Teach-Now is a 9-month teacher preparation programme for current and prospective teachers, not restricted to US citizens, resulting in a US teaching licence in your choice of two states. Rather than enrolling in several courses in a single semester, candidates progress through a series of intense, comprehensive modules of different lengths, taken in sequence. A focus of the programs is to “learn in the way you plan to teach.” The state-of-the-art curriculum is designed for the preparation of candidates who enter the program with a grounding in the subject matter and a passion for teaching students.

Research Limited

  • ISC Research Limited, an AASSA partner, provides our schools with access to their website which allows for the analysis of the international school market worldwide, by region, sub-region, country or city.  Users may target an analyse schools by geography, size, curriculum, examinations, association membership, age range, etc..

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