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AI in Education Digital Badge

Unlock the potential of AI in education with the AMISA AI in Education Badge. This program offers valuable AI learning for everyone in the education community, helping you leverage AI to make a positive impact.


The Digital Badge is a visual representation of a verified achievement, such as a skill. Badges are issued, accessed, and displayed online and can be shared on social media channels, personal profiles, and resumes. Our Badges will integrate seamlessly into LinkedIn's Licenses & Certifications, allowing your professional profile to shine.  Badges provide employers and peers with concrete evidence of your advanced skills. Badges can be shared on social media and printed in transcript form to prove continued learning. 


The price includes the virtual badge, enrollment in one of the AI course offerings of your choice, exclusive access to our AI Networking Group, and AI-specific workshops at one or more of our three annual conferences. Conference attendance costs are not included.


The total cost for the AI in Education Digital Badge is $299 per person. 


Badges will be issued once all required elements have been verified. 
CLICK HERE to learn the criteria. 

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Badge Registration

Please review all badge criteria before registering.
If registering more than five people, please email terri{at}

Organization Information

Primary Participant Contact Information

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